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Website Design, Brand & Strategy

Client Overview

Our client envisioned a dynamic iOS event app designed to boost outdoor community engagement. In a time where everyone is stuck to screens, this app will encourage users to gather, share, view, and join various healthy activities in their local communities inspired by the concept of Recess ( the idea of a playground school break).

The primary objective was to design a user-friendly and intuitive app that would inform and encourage users to actively participate in different outdoor activities making it a fun and healthy choice.

Challenge: Revitalizing Community Engagement

Our approach involved crafting a compelling narrative and clear communication. An attractive and functional design solution is required to capture the attention of disconnected neighborhoods and revive a sense of community engagement in them.

Transformative Impact with Our Design

After the app launch we designed, user engagement rose by 40% with a 4.8-star average rating. Neighborhoods experienced a renaissance of community bonding with event listings growing by 60% in the first year. Recess successfully revitalized the spirit of local engagement and outdoor activities.

Process Behind Crafting Brand Excellence for Recess

In creating Recess’s brand look, We came up with a catchy tagline, “Rediscover Play. Reconnect with Neighbors,” based on the app’s name. This tagline emphasizes the purpose of taking a healthy break with outdoor connections. We then selected colors that represent the community and play.

The mix of calm blues and strong black shows our commitment to a friendly neighborhood, making Recess trustworthy like a reliable friend. we added a bit of black to make it look fancy and a dedication to bringing people together. Through these amazing blended colors, we encouraged users to have fun, make connections, and enhance their outdoor community.

Complementing the Recess app's remarkable success, our ongoing collaboration with Compass Design has been a testament to achieving creative excellence. Their consistently outstanding work has played a pivotal role in shaping our triumph, and we eagerly await future opportunities to further enhance our achievements together.

James William
Founder of Recess

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