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Client’s Mission: Branding & Product Design Of the App!

Our Client was a dynamic event management startup. They came to us with a vision to rebrand event management that how users explore or book events using their app.They needed a UX product design of the app,its branding , and a front facing website.Their goal was to connect event organizers with enthusiasts across various domains.

From music concerts and art exhibitions to sports tournaments and educational workshops, this app should be a complete design solution to simplify the event booking process while nurturing community connections across a spectrum of events.

Challenge: Bridging Diverse Events With Ease

It was a big challenge to design an interface that could easily align the event discovery and booking while also catering to the diverse needs of both organizers and attendees.

With a list of events spanning different genres and locations, we had to ensure that users could effortlessly navigate the app, find events matching their interests, and book their favorite ones without hassle.

Along with that, we had to foster their social interaction with personalized recommendations to enrich the overall user experience.

We Seamlessly Designed the App for Diverse Events

So, when we tackled Jungle’s challenge, we wanted to put the users first. We designed an app that’s super easy to use for customers, and where you can find events of your own choice without getting lost. We made sure booking tickets were easy and affordable as well.

Moreover, We created an immersive experience by integrating personalized recommendations and visually appealing design elements reflecting Jungle’s identity.

Now the app effortlessly guides users through event discovery and encourages them to interact, explore, and engage with events the way they want.

Branding For Standard Events and Community Connections

We defined the brand’s visual identity by creating captivating logos and color schemes. We took every decision with keen attention to detail to capture the essence of the Jungle’s branding. Then translated it into a tangible, memorable experience.

At the heart of Jungle’s branding journey, we made sure to create an identity that connects deeply with them through the interface.

For us, It’s more than just design – it’s about creating a journey, a story, and a connection that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of the audience.

Behind the Scenes: User Personas, Wireframes, and User Flows

First of all, we carefully crafted user personas, and then based on those personas we drew the wireframes, and the user flows that form the foundation of our design process.

By understanding the various perspectives and behaviors of our users, we created intuitive wireframes that can ensure a smooth digital experience for every enthusiast who wants to explore the events. It was our primary purpose to completely align the user needs with the app interface making every step smooth and enjoyable for customers who use it.

Social Media Kit and Website Development

Every aspect of the website we crafted reflects the adventures of the Jungle App. Now, users can effortlessly explore and engage with the Jungle App’s offerings, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable browsing journey. We carefully designed each piece of Jungle App’s social media kit to bring the lively atmosphere and awesome features of the Jungle App to social media!

Jungle App is now ready to shine and connect with its users through its fantastic features in a fun and friendly way!

Compass Design refined our digital presence with flawless design!

We had the pleasure of working with Compass Design on a complete redesign of our website and app, and the experience was amazing. Their expertise as graphic designers are truly commendable!

They invested time to understand our brand, ensuring the redesigned website and app is aligned perfectly with our goals. The outcome surpassed our expectations, seamlessly blending creativity, functionality, and user-friendliness.

One of the standout qualities of working with Compass Design was their exceptional availability. Communication was smooth and efficient, with Qasim always being just a message or a call away. This level of responsiveness significantly contributed to the swift progress of the project, and it was reassuring to know that we could rely on them at any point in the process.

Their flexibility was another aspect that greatly impressed us. They demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt to changing requirements and preferences, making the entire redesign process seamless and stress-free.

Throughout the project, they maintained a high standard of work, meeting deadlines with precision and delivering results that reflected their keen attention to detail.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Compass Design for any graphic design projects. Working with them is not just a business transaction but a collaborative journey that yielded exceptional results.

Thank you for your outstanding work and commitment to excellence!

Kemel Koussaybani
CEO at Jungle App

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