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Client: Real Estate Investor

Our client, a seasoned real estate investor deeply interested in short-term rentals inspired by Airbnb, presented us with a compelling challenge. They sought to expand their Airbnb investment portfolio and required a platform for Identifying, purchasing, and managing lucrative properties that could generate substantial returns. They wanted to streamline the process and needed a comprehensive online platform for real estate investment in Airbnb properties.

Challenge: Crafting a Universal Real Estate Experience

The challenge was to create an innovative website that simplifies real estate investing in Airbnb properties. This platform is needed to serve both new investors entering the market and experienced individuals aiming to optimize their existing properties. The primary objective was to eliminate the complexities associated with property identification, purchase, setup, and ongoing management, allowing investors to own high-performing Airbnbs effortlessly. The challenge was designing and developing a website catering to every real estate investment journey stage, from initial property selection to continuous performance optimization.

Redefining Real Estate With ProPella Homes

To address the challenge of simplifying property investment, we developed a website that can offer a user-friendly solution. With an attractive name Propella Homes, we designed a website with an intuitive user interface that has access to a vast database of investment opportunities in the real-time market. This web design empowered all investors, from beginners to experts to make informed property selections. Additionally, our robust management system streamlined property acquisition and ongoing performance enhancement to simplify the complexities of short-term rental ownership. In essence, we transformed how real estate investment works. ProPella Homes became the go-to platform for owning high-performing Airbnbs, minimizing the need for extensive hands-on involvement. This accessible, hassle-free approach effectively addressed our client’s challenges, transforming wealth building in the real estate sector.

Market Research & Visual Identity Journey

To kick off the process, we initiated market research to identify Propella’s competitors and target audience. This initial research served as a guiding path in the collaborative development of Propella’s new brand and visual identity.

Our main goal was to capture Propella’s personality visually which led us to craft a clean, simple, yet sophisticated identity that is uniquely theirs. The ProPella team had a vision. They wanted a simple and impactful logo.

We suggested using basic shapes cleverly, creating a logo that highlights shared culture. We chose colors with care to bring teams together. Using natural shades, we blended light and dark tones for depth and maturity in the brand. Further, we opted for a simple, geometric, yet dynamic sans-serif complement the Propella Homes website seamlessly to ensure versatility and consistency across all touchpoints.

Propella UX Transformation Through User Personas

In the pursuit of an exceptional user experience, we introduced three key user personas: Sarah, John, and Emma – real investors whose diverse needs and aspirations have shaped the evolution of ProPella Homes. Their stories illuminate our journey towards creating a more intuitive, accessible, and rewarding real estate investing platform.

Blueprinting the Website's Success

The success of this website design was mapped out through wireframing—the foundation of an effective web design. We created a visual guide that outlines the layout and structure of the ProPella Homes, helping us to envision and refine the user experience. By sketching out the essential elements and their placement, wireframing facilitated efficient communication between our designers and developers to ensure the website’s functionality and aesthetics aligned with user needs.

New Brand Identity With Exceptional Website Design

The innovation of visionary investors and our collaborative teamwork marked this journey. We started by understanding the overall market. This research helped us find a unique spot for ProPella in the real estate world. Our creative team worked together to design a clean and engaging logo using smart design elements. As a result, we created a memorable brand identity that seamlessly fits with an amazing website, offering users an immersive real estate experience at every step of the way.

Compass Design excelled in transforming high-level concepts and loosely defined workflows into a tangible and user-friendly UX experience. Compass Design has a remarkable ability to translate your vision into an exceptional reality.

Jonny Shaw
Project manager at Propella Homes

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