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Our Client’s Mission: A Sustainable Shopping App

ENVI is a forward-thinking company that collaborates with consumer brands to reduce their environmental impact primarily in the cosmetics and skincare industry. ENVI’s core objective of the project was to connect with Millennial and Gen Z consumers through a user-friendly marketplace app. This app will allow their users to buy products directly from brands and simplify product ratings to access eco-friendly shopping.

Challenge: Product Design of the App

It was a big challenge for Envi to create a user-friendly marketplace app for eco-conscious Millennials and Gen Z consumers. They wanted to make shopping a more enjoyable experience for the customers while facilitating eco-friendly choices. So they trusted us as their design partner in the project.

This project included creating high-fidelity mobile apps screens such as a home dashboard, search view, company profiles, and favorites/wish lists. Moreover, each screen must be carefully designed to convey Envi’s brand values and make a difference in the skincare industry.

Remarkable Success through Our Designed App:

We designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface for eco-friendly purchasing on the App. After the Envi marketplace app’s launch, Millennial and Gen Z consumers truly embraced the platform. Resultantly sales were increased for partner brands in an awesome way.

Envi’s eco-conscious assessments and commitment fueled strong connections and increased brand loyalty. This app attracted downloads and encouraged users to share their positive experiences on social media. Now Envi is a well-known brand in the skincare industry known for its eco-friendly products and has a significant impact on the lives of consumers.

Discovery and Visual Strategy Insights:

We implemented a fresh visual strategy to enhance brand presence to engage its target audience. The vibrant color palette and nature-inspired imagery conveyed a sense of vitality and eco-awareness. For optimal clarity and readability, we adopted clean, minimalist typography, underscoring the user-centric nature of the app.

Before-and-after visuals were strategically used to showcase the transformative impact on both brands and consumers making it easy for viewers to grasp the app’s significance. This visual strategy with the harmony of aesthetics and purpose effectively communicated the success story of the Envi marketplace app and the positive influence on eco-friendly shopping.

The Journey Of Developing Scalable Website and App

A strategic step is always required to build a scalable design .Our development team leveraged cutting-edge technologies to ensure a seamless and responsive user experience while maintaining robust performance as traffic surged. Scalability was at the forefront while focusing on flexible architecture and cloud-based solutions to handle increased demand.

It enhanced the overall user experience that enabled Envi to continuously expand its offerings and maintain its commitment to eco-conscious shopping. The end result was a branded platform that can adapt and grow in harmony with our mission to reduce environmental impact in the cosmetics and skincare industry .From concept to development we make sure to design a sustainable solution that will work for both consumers and partners alike.

The partnership with Compass Design has been instrumental in achieving creative excellence throughout our journey at ENVI. Their consistently exceptional work has left a lasting impression, and we eagerly look forward to future collaborations that will undoubtedly further elevate our mission of promoting eco-conscious shopping and reducing environmental impact in the cosmetics and skincare industry.


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