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Specialized Fitness Project:

Athletes’ stress to achieve their fitness is too real. They need personalized training sessions because fitness is subjective and one rule is not fit for every fitness seeker. So, Formerly known as V-Max, primarily serving athletes and fitness studios in Germany and other selected regions of the USA were ready to embark with us on this transforming fitness journey. Our mission was clear: design an application with a personalized fitness approach to meet the goals of every fitness lover. For this branding purpose, we designed a fresh brand identity, refined visual aesthetics, enhanced the user interface(UI), incorporated dynamic animations, and implemented legal safeguards. This approach brought brand excellence to the overall experience of this app.

We Crafted a Distinctive Name

Renaming a well-established brand is a challenging task but we amazingly did it by choosing a unique path based on precision, measurement, and movement analysis. Selecting a name was just a start. To achieve perfect branding solutions we introduced innovative sub-products like V-Max, an Apple watch app to enhance gym performance, and a V-Max Pro, a special edition for elite athletes. V-Max Pro includes a device for workout gear, offering precise measurements and personalized tips for peak performers.

After conducting In-depth research and exploring various naming strategies like acronyms, we named the fitness app “Instant Fit”, inspired by the Latin word that signifies clarification. This name perfectly aligns with our mission to simplify the complexities of how the human body works and turn data into valuable insights for both trainers and trainees.

Consequently, we assigned unique names to sub-products such as Instant-Fit One for individual trainers and Instant-Fit Pro for coaches and elite athletes.

Shaping an Eye-Catching Visual Design

Transitioning from the background to the forefront, our topmost priority was to launch an engaging fitness app with an increased user retention rate on the application. This journey led us to craft visually appealing user experiences by putting a comprehensive suite of branding materials together with a key focus on building a strong brand identity. To capture the brand’s essence and maintain adaptability, we designed a strong, flexible logo to create a seamless flow throughout the screen.

The vibrant color palette we chose, featuring bold reds and deep blacks injects energy into the brand. Additionally, we selected a modern font that balances precision, style, and accuracy altogether with a natural sense of rhythm and flow.

UX Research and Design Audit

Our mission was to design an outstanding app with creativity, cooperation, and user-centric qualities. So, we delve deep into precious insights and the knowledge that we gathered through research to craft an exceptional user experience.

After conducting thorough research and incorporating ongoing user feedback, we systematically refined our craft with design audits to exceed the expectations and desires of app users.

User Personas

Seamless User Interface For Fitness Fanatic

Our attention played a key role in their product lineup—the user interface. The redesign journey demanded precision and a close partnership with the Instant-Fit team. With our innovative thinking, fresh concepts, and rigorous testing, we dedicated ourselves to ensuring the new brand’s instant recognizability on every screen.

Through this collaborative effort, the branding and UI team guaranteed a clear and user-friendly streamlined fitness app’s information, data, and experience. As they say, “The results spoke for themselves, earning high praise from the judges”.

By partnering with Compass Design, we've consistently achieved creative excellence across a range of projects. Their consistently impressive work leaves us eagerly looking forward to future collaborations. Our collaboration with Compass Design has consistently resulted in creative excellence across diverse projects. We are continually impressed by their outstanding work and eagerly await future opportunities to collaborate once more. Working with Compass Design has been a seamless experience; they consistently deliver exceptional solutions with minimal guidance and feedback required. It's as if they're an integral part of our internal team, given their deep understanding of our vision for what we're creating here at Today app.

Johnny Smith
Founder and CEO at Intantfit

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