Revamping the Mobile Experience for an All-in-One Video-Sharing App




UI, UX, Brand & Strategy

Client Aspires to Real-Time Connections through the App

In a vibrant social networking community, a visionary startup approached us with their unique business vision—to create a platform that redefines people’s real-time connection. They wanted us to build an engaging and meaningful application that would allow users to effortlessly share their thoughts, experiences, and status with their friends and family to make the present moment a real-time connection.

The Challenge: Shifting the Paradigm

Our client aspired to pioneer a shift towards real-time updates and build an app centered around genuine connections in today’s fast-paced world. The main challenge was to create a platform where users are encouraged to share their current thoughts and activities as they happen. Crucially, this platform needed to empower its users with control over who sees their updates, respecting their privacy while facilitating them with meaningful and engaging social interactions.

Crafting the Desired Video-Sharing App

To address the challenges of creating such an app, our UX/UI designers and developers collaborated closely with the client to create a revolutionary social networking platform, the Today App.

We designed this app with a user-centric approach to make it incredibly easy for users to share their present moments. The interface of this app is designed as intuitive and encourages users to post updates quickly and easily without any privacy issues.

Enhanced User-Centered Design

We dedicatedly focused on creating a clean and visually appealing design to enhance the overall user experience. Then further optimized this app for iOS and Android to ensure a consistent and seamless experience for every user.

Our commitment to user-centered design was at the core of developing the “Today” app. We understood that for users to embrace real-time sharing and connections, the user interface must be intuitive, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing.

As a result, the “Today” app has evolved as a central hub for authentic connections. It provides a space for users to share their daily lives and experiences in a manner that resonates personally and feels profoundly meaningful. Our user-centric approach led to higher engagement rates, as users spend more time on the platform, connecting with their friends and family, and sharing their lives in a reliable way.

We've had the pleasure of partnering with Compass Design for an extended period, and our collaboration has been truly remarkable. Over the years, we've jointly tackled the comprehensive overhaul of our product lineup, which encompasses mobile apps, video sharing features, helpdesk solutions, and meeting with friends and the community. Working with Compass Design has been a seamless experience; they consistently deliver exceptional solutions with minimal guidance and feedback required. It's as if they're an integral part of our internal team, given their deep understanding of our vision for what we're creating here at Today app.

Mark Villay
Founder & CEO at Today

The Conclusion

The “Today” app has successfully reimagined the way people connect on a daily basis. By prioritizing user engagement, their privacy, and a user-centric design, we created a platform that meets our client’s expectations in an awesome way! This case study highlights our commitment to creating innovative design solutions that make a real impact on users’ lives and the digital landscape.

This app has become a hub for genuine connections that enable our user community to share their daily lives and experiences personally and meaningfully. Our user-centric approach has led to higher user engagement rates. Users started to spend more time on the platform connecting with their friends and family, and sharing their authentic lives with the people they want.

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