Why your business needs a great website?

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Ali Haider

In today’s world marketing is no marketing if you aren’t going digital. As Bill gates said, “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business”. In fact, that even stems from a social view point too, if you don’t exist online, people believe you don’t exist.

In the famous book “22 laws of marketing by Ries and Jack” they discuss the 9th law “The law of opposites” which suggests that the weakness of a product can sometimes be a real strength of a product. Let me explain that, whenever someone’s confronted with developing a website what’s the first reaction? He says why don’t I go for a digital platform that doesn’t cost me a dime; like a social network or a listing site. But the fact of the matter is that the digital world is as noisy and cluttered as the real world. Having a website on a digital landscape depicts the real brand ownership of any business or individual. What I am trying to say is that having easy access to a digital platform in a postmodern world is a double-edged sword. You have the luxury to have an online presence but so does everybody else. The variable that matters in setting you apart is how creative your online presence is and how invested you are in it.

This is where investment in place on “The Web” calls for having a website.

Online market share

Internet is bringing the world to your doorstep every day and along comes the economy of the world. As we speak, there are millions of transactions being done digitally. We have E-commerce platforms rolling on the web and then again, we see that a touchpoint for an online marketplace is also an attractive website.
Customers are buying full shopping carts in a single click for all the right reasons for a business to have a trustworthy website.

In a world after the 2000s market share of any business consists of millennials that are not anything like the customers of old times. They are all divided into tribes of the online world. Even the generation X people are considered a big portion of the market that can be booked online.

The face of your brand exists while you sleep.

The greatest benefit of a business website that stands the test of time is that it is the presence of any business that is there on the web for potential customers to visit and look for their needs and wants online. While the business can focus their energies on other operations and let the website maintain a brand presence. Automated response
systems on websites have extended this brand presence even to the hearts and minds of the customers. Even when the physical office of the business is closed the website is a source of information readily available for any consumer. Not just that this web presence provides 24/7 availability but also it gives access to people all over the
globe. Sure, the internet is a borderless world.

Advertising and promotion

Since online advertising services like google ads have made ads to reach a massive audience at very low rates; it is also becoming important to have a great landing page that can retain the traffic (online visitors) from different sources and convert it into profitable customers. People are not just buying a product anymore they are
buying stories of the product. Consider thinking about watches worn by famous Celebes or movie characters. These stories float on the web all day, all year and for life as a digital footprint; and for a brand to have one, a website is an ultimate way. Also having a website, it is easy to target consumers once a business is satisfied that they have the content ready to feed forward.

Customer service and participation

Today the fast flow of information is bouncing customers to multiple options for making a definitive buy. Services are demanded with convenience and home-based solutions. Let us take an example of a high-tech city like Singapore, 70% of Google search results for 2019 showed that the people are looking for a service that can be available.
on-demand and customers place, whether it is food or a ride. Also, consumers today are looking for ease of access to any product. Quality and convenience are parallel driving forces creating customer loyalty for any business. The more visibility a brand has on the web the more a consumer is going to engage with it. A brand owning a distinct website has a huge impact on its visibility and search results on digital platforms. While people are looking for online services even the businesses that have offline business models are now compelled to maintain an online website because they may deliver offline but almost every household and client equally look for customer service on the web. Websites are a great and credible way to ensure quality customer service to a lot of people simultaneously while increasing efficiency and reducing cost. I simply would like to point it out again, if the customer is on the web, so should be the customer service.

Data analytics

Primarily many businesses may use their web portals to list their products and achievements, but almost every business is interested in multiple ways to enhance its revenue stream. Having increased sales seems like a common sense, but retaining old customers and  feedback from choosy customers is as important as the sales itself.

This is an age of co-creation for including consumers and producers both in the development of a product. Whether it is a software as a product, a customized shoe pair by Nike or a food item at Subway all incur the concept of co-creation. This entails gathering customer data. Luckily analytics tools like google analytics and Facebook analytics can be very useful, and all of them are really useful when the data collected is relevant to the original website of a business. Integrating all these tools for actionable business intelligence boils down to having a personalized website. Customer data can consist of a simple figure like a number of visits or complex feedback like customer
experience or their brand preferences. Websites of modern business have a section for contacting them regarding any suggestions or complaints that can be verified by higher management at any time through automated systems and also compile data to work on the factors that are important for reordering of same product/service. Thus, a website is directly contributing to product development as well as business growth.

Business operation on the web 


Websites sure are a source of information flow for businesses today, from interactive videos and service catalogs to paperless records and automated mailing lists. Business operations are another area where having a great website can be an edge. It is but natural for the business to occupy space and operate on the web as all of their competitors are trying to step up their game in the online mediums. But let’s look at how value translates for a business in real-time when they are acquiring talent through online mediums, marketing services, or branding products in a hyper-reality. People associated with a business, whether employees or consumers are being driven by forces of technological development, fast communication, and mixed messaging.
Everyone associated with a business is bound to have ideas and perceptions like loss of commitment, decentralization of decisions, and comparisons from multiple sources. In the midst of such a complex environment and technology-driven feelings; creating an original, interactive, and cutting-edge website is a linchpin to hold the peoples associated with the business together.

Integrated marketing communication

A consumer’s first go-to reference for a product or service is the web as emerging smartphones have made it very easy for all to surf. Visitors look for testimonials, endorsements, and reliable updates about a business on the web. Creating multiple channels for marketing a business is surely a part of an integrated marketing communication strategy. But the real magic happens when the message delivered on multiple channels (news, electronic media, new media) is verified and
resonates without any distortion among the influencers, consumers, and potential consumers alike. This message is poured from the tip of the brand pyramid that is a Steller official website of a business.
All in all, with the technologies built around the web and online platforms evolving at a pace faster than ever it would be an understatement to account for all the applications of a great website in a single blogpost; these benefits of having a website are the only the tip of the iceberg. In the coming days, it will not be wrong to say that it’s not a business that requires a great website but it’s the virtual world that demands a business to own a great website (think of a hotspot location for fast
food outlet).J

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