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— Brand Identity
— User Experience Design
— Web app design

Client: An Innovative Institute Owner

The owner of a dedicated educational institute asked us for design help. They struggled to assess how well their new teachers were doing. So, they wanted a simple solution to make things easier. They dreamed of a functional web app that could handle all the assessments smoothly. They believed that the app could boost education quality and help teachers do even better. That’s where we came in – to create the awesome Teach Assist web app and turn their dream into reality!

Challenge: Smooth Evaluation Within the App

The main challenge was creating a web application that could effectively assess and rank teachers across various subjects from Mathematics to English and beyond. This required a versatile and user-friendly tool capable of handling diverse assessment types. Our main goal was to ensure a seamless experience for both institute owners and teachers undergoing this assessment.

Additionally, the app needed to empower institute owners by allowing them to design different assessments and customize the ranking system to meet specific requirements. This required the development of a highly customizable and intuitive user interface tailored to the unique demands of different subjects and educational levels. Lastly, ensuring the security and privacy of assessment data remained a top priority.

Impact of Our Transformative Design:

After the successful launch of the Teach Assist web app, our client experienced a remarkable transformation in their institute’s assessment procedures and teacher evaluations. This app not only simplified assessments but also provided teachers with a user-friendly interface. Its advanced features support data-driven decision-making and enhanced privacy through robust security measures. A significant enhancement in teaching quality has transformed the overall educational standards.

Crafted an Exceptional User Experience and Interface (UX/UI)

In the dynamic landscape of education, our mission was clear: to empower Teach Assist with an exceptional user interface and UX, setting a new standard for teacher assessments. Through innovative design thinking, we ensured a seamless user journey, demystifying the complexities of assessments and enhancing user engagement. The success of Teach Assist in simplifying teacher assessments, improving educational quality, and boosting teacher performance is a testament to the transformative impact of an outstanding user interface and experience, crafted with precision and dedication.


Their innovative approach paved the way for a seamless user journey which significantly contributed to the positive outcomes of the project. Our design team collaboration also played a vital role in achieving the project’s success because we dedicatedly created an exceptional user experience and user interface to ensure the Teach Assist web app’s effectiveness in simplifying teacher assessments and improving education quality. 

Our initial collaboration with Compass Design marked the beginning of our journey toward consistently achieving creative excellence over the years. Their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional work left an indelible impression on us, and we eagerly look forward to the prospect of future collaborations.

Oliver Reynolds

Founder at Teach Assist

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