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UI, UX Website Sesign, Brand & Strategy

M Kasim, Z

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Stich & Ink

Revolutionizing Ecommerce: Designing an Engaging and Profitable Platform for Success


United Kingdom

Company size

50 — 60



Services we provided

— Brand Identity
— User Experience Design
— Web app design

An E-Commerce Industry Approached Compass

Stich and Ink is a dynamic e-commerce industry that’s all about quality merchandise. With a commitment to delivering unique, high-quality products, they have built a strong brand presence over the years.

When they expanded their product range and aimed to reach a wider audience, they realized that they needed our help to improve user experience with design.

Challenge: Quality Merchandise Expansion

Our client faced a significant hurdle because their old User Interface(UI) wasn’t up to the task, leading to a high bounce rate and fewer conversions. It is also affecting their brand recognition. So, keeping a consistent brand image across a wide range of products and multiple online stores was a major challenge.

We Streamlined E-Commerce Sales Experiences

We did in-depth research to get what Stitch & Ink’s customers wanted.
This information helped us revamp their website, making it look good and easy to use. Now customers can find their website as a user-friendly and visually appealing platform. Their purchasing process is also streamlined which helped them to generate more revenue.

Customisation Merch Options

Shipping Anywhere on the Globe

Vibrant and Comprehensive Visual Identity

After conducting a thorough competitor analysis, we have successfully defined a unique color scheme and crafted a distinctive visual language tailored to distinguish stick & ink within the market. This approach not only fosters visual recognition but also brand awareness. The vibrant pink envelope symbol, dynamic color palette, and playful patterns resonate with core values, including positivity, passion, and diversity.

Our newly established visual identity is supported by a comprehensive set of user-friendly guidelines that we had developed specifically for the stitch & ink marketing team. These guidelines empower the team to confidently leverage the brand in their communications, allowing them to maximize its impact without the need for daily agency support.

UX Audit and Research Process.

This was an exciting journey for us to create an exceptional product design, emphasizing innovation, collaboration, and a dedicated focus on the user. We delve deep into our journey, sharing valuable insights and the lessons learned as we aim to craft an extraordinary user experience.

With thorough research and ongoing user feedback, we fine-tuned our design strategy to align closely with user expectations.

User Experience and Website Design

We had a fun adventure making a great product design! We worked together, got creative, and always kept you in mind. Sharing all the lessons we learned along the way to make your experience even better. With lots of teamwork and new ideas, we made sure our design journey was all about making things awesome for you. We listened to your thoughts and used them to create a cool E-commerce website that’s easy and enjoyable for the users.

Customization Options

Collaborating with Compass Design has enabled us to consistently achieve creative excellence across various projects over the years. Their consistently outstanding work continues to impress us, and we eagerly anticipate future opportunities to collaborate once again.

Mark Vickers

Product manager at Stich & Ink

The conclusions

$5M Raised in total, out of which $4M was for inhouse production of printing custom products for Stich & Ink” has completely transformed the way security checks are done, making them more efficient and easier to understand. We’ve made it simpler for businesses to follow the rules for keeping things safe. This case study is a great example of how we use new and creative ideas to make security and keeping information safe online even better.

This case study exemplifies our dedication to innovation and our commitment to creating solutions that drive positive change in the realm of compliance and cybersecurity.

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